Which are the biggest football club in London and its history

England has old ties with football. World’s oldest football clubs were founded in England from 1789 onwards. FA Cup was founded as the world’s biggest organized football competition in the 1871-72 season. 

After resolving some disputes here and there, football gained immense popularity as it got tremendous media coverage. By the 20th century, it took over cricket as England’s national sport. 

London has several football clubs, out of which twelve are professional clubs. There are several dozen semi-professionals and few hundred armature clubs as well. 

Out of these professional clubs, three are very popular and successful; Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea. 

  • Titles: In terms of titles, Arsenal has won 43 major titles. These include one Fairs Cup, one Cup Winners Cup, and 12 FA Cups. Chelsea won 30 major titles and Tottenham 24. 
  • Popularity: Again, Arsenal tops, with an average league attendance of 59,989 (in 2017).

So, it will be reasonably right for us to conclude that Arsenal is by far the biggest football club in London based on success and popularity.  

Arsenal also weights history.

History of Arsenal club

Also known by the nickname ‘The Gunners’, Arsenal was founded as a munitions workers’ team in 1886 from Woolwich, then Kent and presently in southeast London, Arsenal have seen popularity, decline and is currently thriving as the biggest football club in London. 

After turning professional in 1891, they joined the football league in 1993. 

In 1904 they were promoted to the First Division. They were bought by Sir Henry Norris that same year. To enhance the financial standing of the team, he moved them to Arsenal Stadium, north London in 1913. 

It wasn’t until 1925 that Arsenal tasted their first significant period of success. It was only after the appointment of Herbert Chapman 1925 when the team was modernized with reformed tactics and practices. Between the period of Chapman’s appointment and his successor George Allison, Arsenal won two FA Cups and five First Division titles. 

Tom Whittaker continued this saga of success after the Second World War. Under his guidance, the team won two First Division cups and an FA Cup as well. But along with Whittaker’s death Arsenal’s fortune too declined. They didn’t win a trophy for 13 years! 

This tale of disappointment ended in 1966 with the appointment of Bertie Mee. 

Famous players like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams are/have been a part of this team. 

Some fun facts about Arsenal 

It is the only team still in existence that hasn’t ever been relegated. 

They were given the nickname ‘The Gunners’ because a group of cannon makers formed them.

In 1993, Arsenal became the first club to win FA Cup and the League Cup in the same year. 

It holds the record for the most number of players to be a part of the team in England with seven players from Arsenal being a part of the team in a match played in 1934 against Italy.