Famous football clubs and their fan followings

Which football clubs have the most fans in the world is a legit mind query that pops in random seconds. It’s arguably a topic that blends with an emphasis in every season and occasion not just for the game fans, but all. Although the topic is very popular, the feeling is anonymous and the answer is unknown.

  • FC Barcelona

Barcelona, founded in 1899 is nicknamed the Spanish giants. This club from Spain has over 450 M fans worldwide with 106 M on Facebook, 66.4 M on Instagram, and 47 M on twitter.

  • Inter Milan (I Nerazzurri)

With a Facebook community of 12 million people, Inter Milan is one of the leading football teams in Italy and rest. Instagram and twitter have over 2.6 M and 1.6 M followers respectively. Overall fans worldwide are calculated to be 55 M.

  • Juventus

Juventus, founded by Torinese students nicknamed the club ‘the old lady’  by now has a successful hit of 27 M fans worldwide.

  • AS Roma

AS Roma got to be positioned in the list of which football clubs have the most fans in the world for its 22 M fans and Shirt sale of 1.5 lakh as of 2016 across the Globe. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have over 9 M, 2.3 M, and 1.7 M followers respectively.

  • Liverpool

Liverpool has over 100 M fans across the Globe. A huge number, yet, shrinks down to 37 M on Facebook, 13 M on Instagram, and 11.1 on Twitter.

  • Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur or more commonly spurs that were initially founded by few schoolboys has now reached with the success of 10 M followers on Facebook. Instagram has over 3.8 M followers while twitter has 3.2. The overall fans worldwide numbers to 35 M.

  • Borussia Dortmund

The club from Dortmund, Germany has enclosed itself in the talkings of which football clubs have the most fans in the world for its 15 M fans on Facebook, 7 M on Instagram, 3.2 M on twitter, and 22 M Worldwide fans and followers.

  • Manchester United

The Red Devils from England is the most successful club in England with an explosive 650 M Worldwide, 73.7 M on Facebook, 27 M on Instagram, and 18.9 M on twitter.

  • Manchester City

Indeed a very popular football club with 110 M fans worldwide. Huge number leading to the tough spot in the competition of which football clubs have the most fans in the world.

With social fans counting 37 M on Facebook, 11 M on Instagram, and 6.7 on twitter, Manchester City is the Manchester of heart.

  • Paris Saint-Germain

50 years since the emergence of PSG, this club is now the most popular one in the whole of France and the rest. With over 35 M fans worldwide, 36 M followers of Facebook, 19.6 M on Instagram, and 6.8 M on twitter, PSG has proved to be one of the most influential football clubs.

  • AC Milan

With a huge 95 M fan following worldwide, AC Milan nicknamed Rossoneri truly earned the space in which football clubs have the most fans in the world with its victory in the UEFA champion league of the 90s. Rossoneri has attracted over 25 M followers on Facebook, 5.5 M on Instagram, and 6.8 M on twitter.

  • FC Bayern Munich

Commonly known as German Giant, this Germany team emerged in the year 1900 has now caught over 50 M fans on Facebook, although the worldwide stats come down to 45 M.

  • Arsenal

Arsenal, the English giants have over 125 M fans across the Globe. One of the biggest clubs in England caught up with great success and wins.

  • Chelsea FC

Chelsea, also known as the Blues, have a huge 145 M fans worldwide while their Facebook followers remain at 46 M.

  • Real Madrid

Real Madrid, founded in 1902 has now crossed the fan number of 350 M Worldwide. The Facebook page is followed by 109.1 M users, 69.3 M on Instagram, and 48 M on twitter.

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